How Matcha Helps with Weight Loss

Cup of hot matcha tea.

Matcha green tea has an assortment of health benefits that make it one of the most effective superfoods that you can find today. NutraMatcha has taken the power of matcha tea and improved it with our special Original and Blueberry blends, which add even more nutritional value to matcha. As such, nutra matcha is an incredibly effective weight loss tool. Here are some of the ways that matcha helps improve weight loss.

Improves metabolism

Matcha tea is incredibly high in thermogenics, which have dynamic properties that boost the metabolism. For some people’s body types, thermogenics are able to improve their metabolism by 30-40%! As such, improving your body’s metabolism helps it to speed up your digestive system and improve the way that your body breaks down food into energy.

Removes toxins

Green tea naturally works to remove toxins from the system. However, due to the fact that matcha tea is so much more concentrated than traditional tea, it is able to work its way into the bloodstream and overload the system with benefits that reduce the impact that toxins have on the body. Toxins weigh down on the body’s ability to break down food into energy, and also cause fatigue, which makes you less likely to engage in activity that helps with weight loss.

Improves digestive system

All of the nutrients in matcha tea, and especially in NutraMatcha’s signature blends, work together to overall improve the body’s digestive system. Matcha tea goes a long way towards helping the body break down and dissolve stored fat cells in the body, allowing waste to move throughout the body, rather than sit in the stomach or colon, removing buildup of plaque in arteries, and alkalizing the body and bloodstream. Altogether, these add up to major weight loss benefits!