How Does It Taste?

How does Nutra Matcha taste? This is a loaded question. Every single individual has specific tastes, so what may taste one way to you may taste different to your friend. That being said, Nutra Matcha tastes better than any other Matcha green tea brand that you’ll be able to find.

Blueberry blend

We offer Nutra Matcha in two different flavors: Original, and blueberry. We’ve naturally enhanced both flavors, to make sure that it tastes delicious no matter how you prepare it. The blueberry flavoring that we use is all natural, so you can rest assured that despite it being flavored, you’re still giving your body something healthy and wonderful.

Both flavors are carefully sweetened with monk fruit. Monk fruit is an amazing natural sweetener; because of the way your body processes it, it contains no calories. You don’t need to worry about this sweetener counteracting the wonderful qualities already in the Nutra Matcha; the Monk fruit helps enhance this flavor.

Taste profile

Matcha tea is made from shade-covered leaves. This growing process produces a leaf that’s filled with beneficial chlorophyll. When these leaves are ground into the powder that you’re familiar with, it leaves you with a full-bodied, creamy vegetal taste with an occasional astringent taste.

There are a few other things that will impact the way that your Matcha tastes. The temperature of your water is a huge factor on how your Matcha is going to taste. Surprisingly, drinking Matcha iced vs. hot definitely makes a difference in the way it tastes, so we recommend you try it both ways so you have a chance to figure out which way tastes better to you personally. The ratio of water to powder will also greatly determine the way your matcha tastes. And of course, when using matcha powder in cooking and baking, you’ll find that mixing it with other ingredients will also affect the way your matcha tastes.