Balanced Energy

We all need a little bit more energy in our days, right? When you’re feeling drained and tired, what do you reach for? Energy drinks are filled with harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners that will wreak havoc on your body. While coffee is naturally made from a bean, the energy that it releases comes in a rush, and leaves in a similar way. While you may feel energized for a short period of time, it leaves you feeling drained when you crash a few short hours later. Too much coffee can give you the jitters and make your anxiety levels soar. That’s no way to live!

Slow release caffeine

Like coffee, matcha contains caffeine. Unlike coffee, it won’t leave you feeling tired, groggy, and cranky as the caffeine wears off. This is because the caffeine contained in matcha releases slowly; instead of getting a sudden, short burst of energy, the energy slowly builds up, and slowly ebbs away. This keeps you from feeling like you’re on a roller coaster, and eliminates the risk of headaches and jitters.

The balance of energy

When you drink matcha, you’re better equipped to be productive. When the caffeine wears off, you’ll still benefit from the energy that you gained as a natural byproduct of all the antioxidants contained in your cup of matcha. You’ll still feel a greater amount of energy during the peak time after consuming matcha, but it will be balanced and you won’t feel drained after the caffeine has worn off. This is one of the main complaints coffee drinkers have, but with matcha you don’t have to worry about the crash or caffeine headaches. Not only will you feel balanced all day, you really will be balanced all day. What more could you possibly want from a drink? Don’t worry, Nutra Matcha tastes great, too.