Why You Should Be Drinking Matcha From a Bowl

When you think of drinking your cup of morning matcha, how do you imagine it? Drinking it slowly from your favorite mug as you catch up on the news or read your favorite book? Is it quickly poured into a to go mug, to be enjoyed on your morning commute to work? Or perhaps you didn’t have time to make your matcha, so you’re going to stop at a local coffee shop on the way to work to pick up a matcha latte? We’ll be the first to say, there’s no wrong way to enjoy your matcha green tea.

Traditional ways to drink

This may come as a surprise, but when matcha first originated in Japan, it was drunk from a bowl, not a cup. This practice has been somewhat phased out as the drink has made its way to America. Americans have really taken to the matcha green tea drink and have done everything they can to make this drink their own. It’s served with steamed milk as a latte, served sweetened, or served over ice. It’s even baked into cakes, scones, and donuts. The American culture has embraced matcha for it’s strong flavors and vibrant green tones. But if you went back a few centuries, you’d find matcha prepared a few different ways, the more popular of those ways drank from a bowl.

Why a bowl?

It may seem like a strange practice, to drink matcha green tea from a bowl rather than a mug like you’re used to. There are a few different reasons why this has always been the traditional way to drink this delicious hot drink. Drinking matcha should be an experience. You place the matcha powder in the bottom of your bowl, and then pour steaming, hot water over it. You whisk it until it has a gentle froth and all of the powder has mixed with the water. As you drink it, you let your senses take over. Cup the bowl with your fingers, feel the warmth beneath them. Raise the bowl to your lips, and inhale. Enjoy the smell that comes off of the hot matcha drink. Matcha was, traditionally, meant to be enjoyed at home. This is because matcha naturally settles. When you enjoy it at home, you have a chance to drink it before the perfect balance of the suspension is broken, which is when it tastes the best.