Why Fruit Juice Isn't Nearly as Healthy as You Thought!

Fruit juice is one of the strangest enigmas that continues to persist in the health world. The public image around fruit juice is that most juices are healthy, vitamin-packed drinks that are more fulfilling than water and excellent alternatives to a sugary soda pop. However, the reality is that most fruit juices are in fact the exact opposite of a healthy revelation, and can be just as detrimental to your health as that daily Coke, if not even more so. Here are some reasons why fruit juice isn’t nearly as healthy as so many people think it is...

Fruit juice has an absurd amount of sugar

One of the main problems with most fruit juices is that there is usually a ridiculously high amount of sugar in a small serving. Indeed, there can be as much sugar as there is in soda. For example, 12 ounces of Coca Cola has roughly 40 grams of sugar, which is terribly unhealthy. However, 12 ounces of apple juice will roughly contain about 39 grams of sugar, only 1 gram less than the Coke! While sugar isn’t inherently bad for you, and it is beneficial to get sugar from fruits, the sheer amount of sugar overloads your liver and stores excess amounts as fat, which increases your chances for diabetes, heart problems, and other health risks.

Juice has few nutrients

When we eat fruit, the sugar that we get from it is actually pretty beneficial. The reason for this is that the sugar exists within compounds of fiber, and is packed with tons of other nutrients. However, when this fruit turns into juice, that fiber is lost, along with a lot of the other vitamins and such. For example, orange juice is still a fairly decent source of Vitamin C, but not nearly as much as an orange.

Juice has a ton of calories

Remember that Coke and apple juice comparison we talked about with sugar? Well, it’s even worse when you consider the calories. A 12 ounce Coke has about 140 calories, while 12 ounces of apple juice has 165 calories! That’s right...even more than the soda! What makes this even worse is that there isn’t anything of substance that fills you up when you consume these calories, which is what makes liquid calories so dangerous to begin with.