Weight Loss with Matcha Tea

We all want to be healthy, and for some of us, that means shedding a little bit of weight. Did you know that drinking matcha can help you to burn more calories and reach your weight goals quicker? We’re not going to lie to you and say that matcha tea is a magic bullet that will make you perfectly slender without any additional effort on your part. However, it can greatly enhance your diet and exercise routine to help you get results faster!

Matcha helps you to lose weight by:

  • Dissolving stored fat
  • Cleansing the stomach and digestive system
  • Clearing the arteries
  • Giving sustained energy
  • Balancing the pH levels in the body

Drink it before your workout

One of the best times to take advantage of the nutritional benefits of matcha tea is right before your workout. Getting the extra boost of energy from matcha tea during your workout allows you to burn up to four times as many calories per workout session! How? Well, drinking matcha helps fuel your body to work harder and more effectively. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that drinking Matcha tea leads to an increase in metabolism, otherwise known as energy output.

Have matcha first thing in the morning

Another key time to utilize matcha’s fat-burning benefits is in the morning. This is the perfect time to cleanse your body of all the built-up fat and toxins from the day before. Drinking matcha in the morning also allows you to kickstart your metabolism to burn more fat throughout the day. Add matcha into your morning smoothie, or accompany your breakfast with a hot or cold cup of matcha.

Sustained energy curbs appetite

When your body has the energy and nutrients that it needs, you’ll find that snacktime becomes a lot less tempting. You’ll avoid the peaks and crashes caused by sugary treats and coffee. Matcha tea gives a boost of caffeine, and our proprietary formula combines matcha’s natural benefits with B Vitamins and Quercetin to give you more focused energy. However, this energy is balanced with L-Theanine, which provides the calming, focused state that made matcha so valued by practitioners of Zen Buddhism in ancient Japan.

Put it to the test

If it still sounds too good to be true, try it for yourself! We recommend 2-3 cups of matcha per day if you’re trying to lose weight.