The 5 Best Places to Drink Matcha in the US

Matcha is best enjoyed at home. That’s where you know the perfect way to prepare it, and you know you’ll enjoy it. You have the best whisks, the most beautiful ceramic mugs to drink from, and you enjoy sipping your favorite matcha green tea drink throughout the day for a pick me up whenever you need one. But when you’re travelling, sometimes you don’t have the ability to make your matcha the way that you want. Part of the joy of travelling is getting to experience different foods wherever you go. So why not take advantage of your travels, and taste some matcha as you go? So long as you can come home to your warm cup of nutra matcha green tea, because that’s where it’s always made best.

Ippodo Tea Co. - Manhatten

You can find frothy matcha lattes and other fancy variations of the traditional matcha drink at almost any coffee shop across the country. What makes Ippodo Tea Co. special is that in addition to serving these versions of matcha, they also serve it in the purest, most traditional forms. They serve both usucha(thin matcha) and koicha(thick matcha). Come here if you’re looking for a matcha experience.

Smith Teamaker - Portland

This amazing company was founded by Steven Smith, who originally owned Tazo Teas before it was bought by Starbucks. This retail outlet of Smith Teamaker features a tasting room where you can join in enjoying ceremonial matcha.

Samovar Tea Lounge - San Francisco

Samovar has three tea lounges and one tea bar in San Francisco, which means your visit to San Francisco will have easy access to amazing matcha no matter what part of the city you’re in. They have an extensive matcha menu, ranging from straight matcha shots to matcha lattes and matcha smoothies.

Urth Caffe - West Hollywood

One of the speciality drinks at Urth Caffe that you’ll have to try is the matcha berbero. This drink features whisked matcha poured on top of condensed milk. Definitely not the traditional way to drink matcha, but a delicious and enjoyable variation nonetheless. They also serve it a variety of other ways, including straight as a shot and in latte form.

The Curb Kaimuki - Honolulu

If you’re enjoying your tropical vacation but find yourself craving your daily matcha, this tea shop has you covered. Their matcha lattes come barely sweetened, meaning you’ll get as much of the rich, original taste as possible, accompanied by the most delightful mouthful of froth.