How Does Matcha Taste?

For those of us who love matcha, there’s nothing that can compare to the taste. Wholesome, sweet, and green-tasting, it conjures up surety of health and invigoration. However, to someone who’s trying matcha for the first time, the flavor can be surprising.

With most teas, you’re ingesting water that’s been steeped in certain herbs. With matcha tea, you’re actually drinking the dried and powdered leaves. For this reason, it has a more powerful “green” flavor than anything else you’ve ever tried. Premium matcha is shaded late in its growth in order to encourage higher chlorophyll production. This is extremely nutritious, but also a reason that many people call matcha a “grassy” flavor.

Discerning High-Quality Matcha

There’s a wide variety in quality of matcha, as some producers fail to strip the veins from the leaves before grinding, and varying crops and harvesting methods can lead to lower-grade matcha. If you’ve tried matcha tea before and been unimpressed by the flavor, it could be that it was a low-quality matcha powder.

High-quality matcha will taste clean, fresh, and just a tiny bit bitter. You’ll smell and taste a hint of sweetness from the L-Theanine. Overall, the effect is very smooth. On the other hand, lower-grade matcha powder is more coarse, less green, and tastes more bitter and astringent.

Is It an Acquired Taste?

In Japan, matcha is used as a primary flavor for desserts like ice cream, mochi, and pastries. However, most Americans prefer their sweets to be sweeter. That’s why it might take a couple tries to adapt to matcha’s vegetal taste.

Our NutraMatcha proprietary formula is sweetened with all-natural stevia and monkfruit, which adds to the smooth flavor. We recommend that people who are new to matcha try it out hot first. Whisking it until it achieves a light foam layer on top is also recommended since it will make it taste even more smooth and creamy.

Delicious Flavor Combinations

Because matcha is such a unique flavor, it’s the new sweetheart of foodies everywhere. Mixed into baked goods, incorporated into savory sauces, and added as an accent spice on top of entrees, matcha is highly versatile. That’s why many people try it for the first time mixed in with many other flavors, like a smoothie that’s been sweetened with honey and banana. However, it doesn’t take long to gain an appreciation for the fresh, clean flavor that you can’t get anywhere else.