Benefits of L-Theanine

One of the principal ingredients of matcha tea that makes it so nutritious and beneficial to a person’s health is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is an amino acid that is only found inside tea plants, with rare exceptions. Because of the concentrated nutrients in matcha tea, it is one of the most effective ways to consume L-Theanine, and is also one of the reasons that matcha has it’s natural and sweet flavor. Here are some of the health benefits that come with an increase in L-Theanine consumption...

Produces calm alertness

One of the primary effects that L-Theanine has on the brain is that it stimulates an increase in the production of alpha waves. These alpha waves are similar to what occurs when you do when you take part in yoga, or similar exercises, and help make you feel like you are in a meditative state. This doesn’t mean that you are tired or low energy, but instead mean that you are able to reach a mindset of calm alertness that helps you engage in clear thinking.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Because of the stimulation of alpha waves in the brain that L-Theanine fosters, it has a profound impact on our nervous systems through its calming effects. This makes L-Theanine a great counter-measure to the caffeine that is in matcha tea, so that you can get the energy boost without the jittery nerves. This helps reduce anxiety and stress in people who routinely suffer from both of those things (although it isn’t a fix-all for these problems, just one more thing that can help).

Improves memory

L-Theanine helps improve our brain functions, due to the fact that it can mitigate some of the effects of stress and keeps us in a clear mind. Studies of L-Theanine in animals showed that animals who were given strong doses of L-Theanine had stronger memories that lasted longer, over time.

Is an antioxidant 

Matcha tea is frequently used as a tool for detoxes and to get the body feeling clean and refresh. L-Theanine is a major part of why this is, since it is a proven antioxidant that is able to reduce inflammation and oxidative damage, along with heal liver cells that help prevent further toxins in the future.