Alternative Ways to Use Matcha

Mixing Matcha green tea powder with hot water to make hot Matcha is the most popular way to use or drink Matcha. It’s also becoming more popular to bake with Matcha, which means you can get all of the nutrients and benefits of the green tea powder in more ways. If Matcha is so good for your body, though, why are we only using it internally? Surprisingly, there are a number of ways that you can use Matcha green tea powder externally as well, to be getting even more health benefits from the powder!

Matcha Face Mask

Green tea powder has anti-aging properties, making it the perfect ingredient to add to a face mask. You can add the powder to your favorite non-mud face mask, or you can make your own mask from scratch. Mix a tablespoon of matcha powder with a teaspoon of rose water a few drops of lavender essential oil. This will help with sagging around the eyes and wrinkles. Leave the mask on as long as you’d like, and use it a few times a week for the best results.

Matcha Bath

Matcha green tea is good for your entire body! Try a matcha bath. Soaking in matcha will make you feel energized, and will revitalize your skin. The caffeine in the bath won’t affect your body that much, but because it will make you feel energized, it would be best to take this bath in the morning or early afternoon, rather than right before you go to bed. Add a cup of epsom salts, 3 heaping tablespoons of matcha powder, and a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a warm/hot bath. For best results, soak for at least twenty minutes.

Matcha Hair Mask

Matcha is great for stimulating hair growth. This is because it contains Panthenol, which helps strengthen hair and repair split ends. Mix a few tablespoons of matcha powder with shea butter or virgin coconut oil, until it creates a paste. If your coconut oil has melted, don’t worry, the mixture doesn’t have to be a paste to work. You want the ratio to be 1:2 matcha powder to coconut oil/shea butter. Massage the mixture into your scalp, and then pull it down through your hair. Leave the hair mask on for at least thirty minutes. Rinse the hair mask off and then shampoo and condition normally.