4 Matcha Flavor Combinations We're Loving

There are so many amazing ways to enjoy Matcha green tea. Hot, cold, iced, baked, the possibilities are practically endless. It’s such an amazing source of energy and daily antioxidants, to keep you healthy and functioning as well as possible. Although we love the natural taste of matcha, we’re always interested in different ways to eat and drink matcha. Here are a few flavor combinations you should try if you’re wanting to mix things up with your daily matcha.

Bubble tea

Bubble tea is a delicious way to drink any kind of tea. It’s served cold, sometimes in an almost smoothie form, with large tapioca pearls. The tapioca pearls add an interesting and pleasant texture aspect to the drink that’s absolutely unique to bubble tea. You can enjoy this beverage unsweetened, to really enjoy the matcha flavor. Or you can add a little bit of sweetener to compliment that flavor, just depending on what you’re wanting to get out of the drink. A great sweetener to use in bubble tea is honey!

Pumpkin Spice

During the autumn months, it seems that absolutely everything comes with a pumpkin spice option. We definitely aren’t complaining! As the months start to get cooler, try out a pumpkin spice matcha latte! You can drink it either hot or iced, it’s absolutely delicious either way. The flavors of the matcha and pumpkin compliment each other very well! And the spice makes you think maybe you should start adding to your matcha every single day.


If you’re still holding onto summer and willing the cooler weather to never arrive, you may want to try a matcha lemonade instead! The lemonade pairs so well with the matcha, meaning you’ll enjoy sipping this drink no matter what you’re doing. Perfect for sipping by the pool, after doing yard work, or just for an afternoon pick me up.


One of our favorite flavor blends for nutra matcha green tea, is blueberry. To take this flavor combination to the next level, use our blueberry nutra matcha green tea powder in a blueberry smoothie! Use frozen blueberries and your choice of milk or yogurt to make this delicious smoothie that will be nutritious and impossible to resist. Or if you’d rather make a milkshake, swap out the milk or yogurt for some vanilla ice cream. Blend it all up and enjoy!